Available exclusively to our devops and managed services clients, our best-in-class enterprise hosting is the most reliable there is.


OVH, Azure, on-premise, or multi-cloud
IONICA provides services anywhere — OVH, Azure, other cloud platforms, or in a custom hybrid or multi-cloud configuration. Learn more about our partnership with OVH.

Resources where you and your customers are
Achieve secure, low-latency, and ultra-high availability through over 82 low and zero-carbon points of presence in Canada and around the world. Ensure compliance with data sovereignty requirements, local laws and standards so that your users and your data stay safe. Deliver application performance to the edge, wherever your users are.

Multi-tenant or multi-cloud, geographical redundancy available
Be prepared for any contingency. Ensure application and data resilience, and business continuity by replicating files and data among locations anywhere in the world. Fully active multi-tenant, multi-cloud, and warm disaster recovery options available.

The most comprehensive monitoring anywhere
We monitor *everything* in our clients’ environments. You’ll be able to rest assured your sites and applications are fully functional and fast all the time . . . and if there is ever a problem, we’ll know about it before you do and respond instantly.

The best hardware
As many cores as you want, unlimited memory, solid state drives, gigabit LAN, dedicated VLANs, and Internet connections. It’s all available here, designed and built exactly according to your needs.

24/7/365 incident response
Expert engineers are available instantly 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. No call centres, no junior front-line staff. When you need to talk to someone about your set-up, you’ll get connected with an expert who knows your environment immediately.

Languages and frameworks
We have extensive experience with many languages and platforms. Here are some of the key web and API technologies we work with:



Provisioning and orchestration
We employ industry-standard tools, as well as our own, to rapidly deploy, update, upgrade, and manage resources.

Firewalls and VPNs
Whether you need/prefer local or perimeter firewalls, web application firewalls, or Azure or AWS security groups, we can set it up and make access to your applications air-tight. We can also set up highly secure dual-factor dial up or point-to-point VPN tunnels to link different locations together, and/or to safely connect your staff to the servers from your office or anywhere.

The IONICA difference
Compare our offerings to that of ordinary hosting companies in four simple charts.