Vision and Values

IONICA exists to foster a better world.

Our vision is to become a Canadian exemplar known around the world for how business should be done ethically.

We set our example by doing our very best work, by doing our work to the highest ethical and quality standards, and by surrounding ourselves with the brightest, most responsible, and most thoughtful people — in our employees, suppliers, and clients.

The IONICA pledge

We will:
* Always put the best interests of clients, employees, the environment, and the general public above those of the firm.
* Hire the very best people — with integrity, who care about client outcomes and the quality of their work.
* Do everything we can to maintain the smallest possible environmental footprint, and encourage others to do the same.
* Respect the laws and the people of the countries we operate in. When operating in areas with legal systems and institutions less robust than those of Canada, we will operate according to the laws of Canada.
* Respect the privacy of our clients and their users. We commit to doing everything we can to safeguard client and user data security and integrity. Environment infrastructure can be deployed anywhere in the world for data sovereignty and security for our clients and their own customers as well.
* Donate a substantial portion of company profits to charity each year. We donate to help protect human rights, alleviate and prevent poverty, and to protect the environment. See what we’ve done so far.