No one has a deeper skill-set or provides a more comprehensive array of devops services than we do. IONICA handles everything with regard to web infrastructure. We don’t just settle for “keeping the lights on.”  We work tightly with your business stakeholders and developers to make sure your entire stack is completely stable and secure, while achieving and maintaining maximum performance.


Any hosting platform anywhere

Whether it’s on OVH, Azure, Amazon AWS, Rackspace, Digital Ocean, virtual/cloud, physical, “containerized,” co-located; we’ll design, build, monitor, and manage your environment on any platform, anywhere in the world.

IONICA is an OVH Advanced Partner and a Microsoft partner, with comprehensive skills and extensive experience in designing, deploying, securing, and managing OVH and Azure cloud environments. Learn more about IONICA’s partnership with OVH.

Performance tuning
Need to be crazy-fast? Web site performance is directly tied to online business performance. We dig deep to uncover exactly what’s going on with your sites, find bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and identify which of the many tools out there are right for your use case to make it unbelievably fast.

The most comprehensive monitoring anywhere

We monitor everything in the environments under our care. With us, you’ll have the freedom and assurance your sites and applications are fully functional and fast all the time . . . and if there is ever a problem, we’ll know about it before you do, and we’ll respond instantly.

24/7/365 Incident response

Expert engineers are available instantly 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. No call centres, no junior front-line staff. When you need to talk to someone about your set-up, you’ll get connected with one of the brightest minds in the industry immediately.

High availability

IONICA-built environments are made to withstand huge traffic, hardware, service, network, and even data centre failure. We cluster everything as a matter of course and build disaster recovery environments for many of our clients. Need your site to stay up through an earthquake? We can do that, really.

Embedded teamwork

We work closely with your business stakeholders and developers (internal, contract, or agency-based) as part of one cohesive team to ensure optimal results. IONICA doesn’t draw hard lines around what we do and don’t do for you when it comes to your web sites or applications — when needed, we examine and help optimize, code, database queries, external calls, the network, security, all service configurations, and more, rather than just sticking to the operating system like pretty much everyone else. When there is a job to do or a problem to solve there are no “silos,” crazy bureaucracy or procedures, delays, or finger-pointing. We dig in together and get the job done.

Infrastructure architecture

We’ve designed and built hosting environments for some of the worlds best known brands and most critical environments. We’ll work closely with your business and development staff as one team to design and build the environment precisely according to your business needs and software design.

Provisioning and orchestration

We employ industry-standard tools, as well as our own, to rapidly deploy, update, upgrade, and manage resources.

Code build and deployment

Deploys ruining your day (and night)? We take the pain out of code deployments by replacing time consuming, disruptive, error prone manual procedures with complete automation. In most cases, all your code can be deployed to your entire platform with zero down-time or interruption to your end-users. So deploys can be done and tested in the middle of the day without stress or late night maintenance windows.

Security auditing

Whether you need to be compliant with PCI-DSS, PII, HIPAA, SoX, or internal standards, IONICA provides comprehensive Security Auditing, analysis, and consulting to bring your products into compliance.

Load and performance testing

The only way to really know if your site will stay up for that new product release or media buy is to test it. Our experienced engineers will work with you and your developers to build and execute the most accurate load and performance testing possible for the assurance you need.

Firewalls and VPNs

Whether you need/prefer local or perimeter firewalls, or AWS security groups, we can set it up and make it air-tight. We can also set up highly secure dual-factor dial up or point-to-point VPN tunnels to safely connect your staff to the servers from your office or anywhere.

Languages and frameworks

We have extensive experience with many languages and platforms. Here are some key technologies:

Orchard Core


We really do everything when it comes to web site and Internet application infrastructure. Schedule a call to ask questions or take a deep dive on your particular set-up and needs.