Information for Start-ups

We help start-ups get up and get going… without busting budgets. It’s like having your own highly experienced operations team but without the burdens of adding and managing additional staff.

Taking off, scaling up
IONICA knows how to help you take your misison-critical applications to Internet scale. So, when the crowds come, you’re ready. We design our infrastructure around how your applications are designed, rather than the other way around. The result: Speed, stability, and security like nothing else.

Site reliability as nimble and fast as you are
Employ agile or waterfall? Geographically dispersed groups? Automated testing and deployment? Need an embedded resource, 24 hour coverage, custom monitoring and analysis, servers on-demand, tight security, loose security — we can handle it and we’ll adapt to your needs and process. Learn more about how we help developers build better applications.

Flexible offerings and pricing
With IONICA, you can get the services you need, the way you need them. Our custom offerings keep costs manageable so you can focus on your product and your business.