Site reliability,
cyber security,
and AI in the cloud

IONICA makes AI, web sites, mobile apps, and enterprise applications stable, fast, and highly secure.

High availability

We design and build highly available environments, with our deep knowledge and experience in load balancing, clustering, replication, geo-redundancy, and multi-cloud solutions.

Performance optimisation

We make web sites and applications faster by working closely with developers, then crafting and deploying tailored solutions to match our clients needs precisely.

Security and compliance

With a primary focus on defensive work, IONICA has extensive experience in information security, risk management, and standards compliance. We keep your customers, your business, and Canada safe.

Cloud experts

In OVH, Azure, AWS, GCP, or our own IONICA Cloud, we design, build, monitor, and manage cutting edge cloud infrastructure for mission-critical use cases.


Available exclusively to our devops and managed services clients, our best-in-class enterprise hosting is the most reliable there is. Whether Azure, on-premise, or multi-cloud, we’ve got you.


Between monitoring and observability to automation and orchestration, and CI/CD code deployments, and more we approach every project from a devops mindset.

Our work

IONICA is proud to work with amazing clients throughout North America and beyond. From government to health care, tourism to real estate, IONICA assesses each client’s unique infrastructure needs and designs custom solutions to make their sites lightning fast, highly available, and as secure as possible.

Rock-solid Internet infrastructure since 2011

We’ve been bringing our expertise and insights to global brands, government, and other tech firms for over a decade.

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