Load Balancers

Managed load balancers by IONICA distribute traffic and ensure maximum availability for any site or application.


    • Several different forms of round robin and sticky sessions
    • Basic and sophisticated health checks — automatically stop directing traffic to nodes that fail health checks
    • Split different types of traffic to different nodes or ports– based on domain, URI, file extension, destination port, destination IP, or other parameters
    • Support for multiple load balance pools
    • SSL termination
    • Automatic renewal of SSL certificates
    • Balance traffic for any type of service (not just HTTP) — database, FTP, e-mail, application services, and more
    • High availability — have two or more load balancers up and running constantly for maximum up-time, sharing configurations and virtual IP addresses (VIP)
    • Cloud and physical load balancers available
    • Extremely high capacity and throughput per load balancer, even for cloud options