Made in Canada

IONICA is proudly Canadian.

IONICA is incorporated in Canada and headquartered in beautiful British Columbia. Crucially, all of the firm’s operations take place in Canada as well.

Our primary data centre location is in Beauharnois, QC, and through our close partnerships with OVH and Microsoft, we offer our solutions in modern, secure, environmentally sustainable data centres around the world.

IONICA’s data sovereignty means that we are an ideal provider of services for government, business, and businesses everywhere.

IONICA does not “off-shore” or outsource employment to low-wage countries, or to those without workplace and human rights protections matching those found in Canada. All IONICA staff and contractors are based within Canada.

Finally, we contribute significantly to Canadian causes and charities, and also to global and local charities in the communities where our clients live and work.

Read more about IONICA’s vision and values, as well as our charitable contributions.