Hosting Comparison

Below is a comparison of what hosting companies offer compared to the comprehensive professional site reliability engineering and hosting solutions at IONICA that we deliver for all of our clients.

The comparison is broken into four categories — service and support, security, performance, and environmental and corporate social responsibility.

Service and SupportIONICA Hosting Companies
Bespoke Solution, unlimited customisation — any technology, any CMSYesNo
24/7/365 Access to Expert EngineersYesNo
Engineers work closely with you and your developersYesNo
Phone SupportYesNo
Dedicated Cloud Servers / VMsYesNo
Canadian Data Centres AvailableYesSometimes
24/7 MonitoringYesTypically basic server up-time only – no database, memory, storage, etc.
24/7 supportYesTpyically e-mail only, sometimes phone support available with additional fees
24/7 proactive incident responseYesNo
Host unlimited number of sites at no extra cost*YesNo
Unlimited bandwidthYesNo
DNS includedYesSometimes
Back-ups includedYesSometimes
Dedicated staging environmentYesNo
Automated code deployment for developersYesNo
Optional automated testing for developersYesNo
Client list of global brands, government institutions, non-profitsYesRarely
Outstanding list of references availableYesRarely
SecurityIONICAHosting Companies
Custom managed network firewallYesBasic, not customisable
Custom managed web application firewall (WAF)YesSometimes, but usually basic protection only, not customisable
DoS mitigationYes. Three-stage mitigationSometimes, but typically very limited
Automatic banning of malicious site visitorsYesNo
Service and process confinementYes. LSM MAC No
24/7 security incident responseYesNo
SSL/TLS certificates includedYesSometimes
Comprehensive dedicated loggingYesSometimes
Custom-tuned security parameters in OS kernelYesNo
Standards compliance availableYesNo
Strict restrictions on system user authentication and privilegesYesNo
Comprehensive background checks on all staffYesNo
Intrusion detection systems (HIDS / NIDS)Yes, optionalNo
Service sandboxingFuture capabilityNo
LSM-based user confinement and MACFuture capabilityNo
PerformanceIONICAHosting Companies
Environment tuned specifically for your use case and goalsYesNo
Static asset cacheYesSometimes, via CDN only, typically not adjustable
PHP OpCache, or other language cacheYesSometimes, typically unmanaged and not adjustable
Database cacheYesNo
Custom database configuration and slow query loggingYesNo
High performance solid state storageYesNo
Dedicated memory, CPU, and cacheYesNo
Custom web and application server tuningYesNo
Work closely with you and your developers to ensure fast performanceYesNo
Add more logging, increases log verbosity, change server configuration as neededYesNo
Optional high-availability load balanced web server configurationYesSometimes
Optional high-availability multi-master database clusterYesNo
Optional high-availability database cache clusterYesNo
Optional disaster recovery environments, file and data replicationYesNo
Scale up to 120 GB memory, 32 CPU cores, 10 GB Internet linkYesNo
Dedicated physical servers availableYesNo. Dedicated servers not even available.
Environmental Responsibility & CSRIONICAHosting Companies
Carbon neutral data centresYesSometimes
Water neutral data centresWater neutral by 2030Uncommon
Donates portion of annual profits to charityYes. More than $200,000 donated so far!No
Commitment to fair employee compensation and treatmentYesNo
Employs local talent, with living wages and fair labour practisesYes. Positive, exciting company culture. Employs Canadians at a living wage.No. Often largely staffed by low-skill, low-wage off-shore workers

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