Have total visibility through comprehensive monitoring, log aggregation, graphs and other visualisations. All monitor and log events can be searched with custom reports and saved queries.

We monitor everything in our clients’ environments. You’ll be able to rest assured your sites and applications are fully functional and fast all the time . . . and if there is ever a problem, we’ll know about it and respond instantly before you do.

These are just some of the items we monitor:

  • Key web page response codes and times.
  • Server status — CPU load, swap, I/O, network connectivity.
  • Application health — availability, responsiveness, connectivity.
  • Web server status — processes, current requests, average requests per second.
  • Database details — processes, time to connect, slow queries.
  • Server status and network responsiveness.



In addition to local logging, IONICA offers log aggregation with optional web front-ends, including advanced search and graphical visualisations. Store logs for extended periods of time and create advanced custom queries and reports, which can be saved for later use.

Also: see our comprehensive security logging and intrusion detection options.