Managed services
Managed services is a term that can have many meanings, depending on context. IONICA provides managed services for the web. Such services include designing, building, monitoring, and maintaining computing and network infrastructure (servers, network equipment, databases and the like) for web sites and other Internet-based applications. Other services IONICA provides in this realm are security auditing, PCI-DSS consulting, performance optimization, and systems integration.

Managed hosting
Every web site and Internet application requires computers, programs, and network connectivity in order to serve web pages to people. These computers (servers in this case), networks, and programs comprise a web hosting “environment.” The three main types of web hosting are shared, unmanaged, and managed. Shared and unmanaged hosting require the customer to upload all necessary source code, perform most or all system monitoring, and often troubleshoot and resolve most issues with their sites and servers. With managed hosting, someone else takes care of all that for you. At IONICA, we go even further — designing and building computing infrastructure to the exact needs of the client’s business stakeholders and software developers. Then we build and manage the environment and resolve any (rare) issues immediately, 24/7/365 and work with rather than against web designers, developers, and marketing staff to make your site faster, more stable, and more reliable than ever before.

Cloud computing
There are many forms of cloud computing, making the concepts difficult to differentiate. IONICA provides infrastructure as a service (abbreviated IaaS) cloud services, which is virtual computing and network infrastructure. Virtual infrastructure or virtual machines (VMs) are basically computer systems that exist within other physical computer system hosts. For this reason, VM and cloud-based hosting has a lower cost than hosting on physical hardware or “bare metal.” Hosting on physical machines is better suited for situations where relatively high-capacity is needed. Contact us to find out which is right for you.

Cyber security
Your web site needs to be secure. Our industry veterans have deep knowledge and extensive experience designing, building, auditing, and maintaining bulletproof environments for some of the world’s best known brands. We can ensure compliance with the strictest security standards on the web, including PCI-DSS and HIPAA so your partners and customers can use your products with confidence.