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Who we are

IONICA is a CloudOps and cyber security firm for mission-critical applications. We focus on complex, large-scale environments with high availability, high performance, and high security requirements.

We provide secure, standards-compliant, hosting and data storage in over 120 low or zero-carbon Microsoft Azure data centres around the world, as well as in IONICA Cloud, our own cloud platform.

Our Mission

Our central missions are to provide cutting edge foundational technology for innovation, and to make the largest possible positive impact to the world through our philanthropic efforts and ethical business practises. Read more about our vision and values here.

How we are different

Experience and knowledge second to none, IONICA employs highly experienced top talent. We’re fast. We solve problems right away to keep business moving. New builds and other projects often take hours or days, not months.

Our embedded, collaborative approach enables, strengthens, and amplifies the efforts of your internal teams. More than a supplier, we’re partners in business. We work as part of your internal team, and the solutions we create are built specifically for your business and applications.

How we help you

We design and maintain solutions for high security from the outset. We keep all your data within your country of operation in Microsoft Azure’s secure, globally distributed cloud. IONICA is a Microsoft partner.

Our focus on the long-term means you’re never on your own. Our solutions are built to last, and we’ll be here to stand by them. We have a long list of satisfied enterprise clients with high traffic, and complex use cases.

IONICA Success Story

Read this case study to learn how IONICA helped a major Health Care company build a secure, high-performance, and highly available cloud environment in Microsoft Azure, providing incredible performance, flexibility, and outstanding security.