Our values are core to our existence at IONICA. They are embedded in everything we do.


Since our founding over five years ago, IONICA has donated over $20,000 in cash to charities and non-profit organisations, $11,000 of which was in 2016. Our charitable goal for 2017 is going to be the biggest yet: $20,000, approximately doubling our total gifts since our founding.

IONICA’s charitable gifts come from our own company profits rather than fund-raising or other donations.

Recipients of our charitable gifts include:

The Bloom Group – The downtown east-side-focused Bloom Group helps fund the organisation’s many services that include two women’s shelters, two hospices, social housing and meals for seniors, financial management services for the disadvantaged, and more.

The Vancouver Food Bank – The food bank provides nutritious food for Vancouver’s vulnerable and impoverished families and individuals. Through its BC supplier relationships, the Food Bank leverages every $1 donated into $3 worth of food purchases specifically targeting what their clients need most.

Out in Schools / Out on Screen – Out in Schools, a part of Out on Screen, provides education, training and support to students and school administrators on LGBTQ+ issues. They help BC schools embrace diversity and to become safer places for all. Their path-breaking program enables students to focus on their studies as they prepare to become productive, healthy adults, free from discrimination, bullying, or prejudice.

The David Suzuki Foundation – The organization founded in David Suzuki’s name holds the same incredible determination to protect and promote our precious beautiful environment and the natural world.

Electronic Frontier Foundation

The OpenBSD Foundation